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Liebster Award

Estava eu na minha leitura diaria, Google reader, quando me deparei com o post sobre um prémio o Libster Award on Confessions of a Paper Addict, by Paper & Sort, from Huey.
Fui lendo como foi nomeado o blog, a procura pela origem do premio,  como funciona, as respostas que deu quando... deparei com o meu blog na lista de nomeados.

As I was wondering on Google reader, on my daily blog updates, I stumble upon a post about a Libster Award , on Confessions of a Paper Addict, by Paper & Sort , from Huey.
I was reading about how she was nominated, how she try to understand the origins of the prize, how it works, the answers she gave, and t
Then BAM on the list there was Berta sem Marca, Brandless Berta.

Regras para os nomeados**Rules for Nominees:

1. List 11 facts about yourself. ** Lista de onze factos pessoais
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you. ** Responder às onze perguntas criadas para vocês.
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award. ** Criar onze novas perguntas para os vossos nomeados
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate. **escolher onze blogers com menos de 200 seguidores
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award. **deixar um comentario nno blog deles a dar conhecimento da nomeação
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. **Agradecer à pessoa que nomeou e criar um link para o seu blog.

11 Facts About Me:

1. I'm Portuguese girl, living in Coimbra, Portugal
2. I´m a mother of a beautifull smart boy.
3. I love chocolate Ice cream with wipped cream
4. I´m the youngest of three girls, and they both think I´m their daughter.
5. I have a degree in Architecture.
6. I see nothing without my contact lenses or glasses, myopia.
7. I love to see beautiful photos but hate to see others vacation photos.
8.  I love the sea, and I would love to leave on a beach.
9. I like to be at home on rainy days.
10. I miss the sun a lot on winter.
11. I love to bake.

11 Questions from Huey: 

1. What/ who inspired you to start blogging?
Ana Pina series of interviews inspired me to create a blog about portuguese crafters.
2. What's your favorite color?
My favorite color have been change as I grow up. I was a pinky kid, grow up to a blue teenager, a black young adult, and now I´m in love with Emerald green.
3. What's your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday is Chistmas :), since my son born, Chistmas turn big again
4. What do you do for a living?
I´m an independent worker, with two shops on Etsy, three blogs, starting a designer/architecture/laser cut services. Also I bake cupcakes to sell
5. What is your hobby?
My life is my hobby.
6. If you could have anything as a pet, what would it be?
I have one, a Chocolate Labrador with 8 moths
7. What TV drama are you watching now?
I love Dowtown Abbey
8. Do you have a vision of your dream wedding? How is it like?
I stoped dreaming about my wedding when my son was born. Seems like it was no longer important. But now, I dream of ot from time to time, and it would on a rustic village, with family and closest friends, by a pool, many fresh country flowers
9. Where have you been for vacation?
We usually spent our vacations in Portugal, with our son, but we take some weekends to ourselves, to visit Salamanca, Spain. We have been in Sevilla, Nerja, Granada, Cordoba, Toledo, Madrid.
I spent 10 wonderfull days in England in 1997.
Next year I want to go visit Barcelona
10. Where are you from and what's best in your area? (Food, travel spot, anything)
I´m from Coruche, a vilage with excellent food dishes, with good wine, with a love for bulls and horses, with a brigh light all year, different from Coimbra, where I live
11. A psycho killer kidnapped a couple and made them play rock, paper, scissors. The winner will be cut loose and the loser dies. The couple managed to communicate, somehow, and decided that they both play rock, causing a draw. However, when the game started, the boyfriend played scissors and the girlfriend played paper. The girlfriend lost. What comes to your mind about the game? There's is no wrong or correct answer =) (I assumed the RPS rules are the same around the globe - scissors cut paper, paper wraps rock, rock blunts scissors.)
They did not love each other.

My nominees are:


11 questions

1.Cooker or baker?
2.Cat or Dog person? Why?
3.What´s your profession?
4. What your favorite season?
5. Countryside or beach?
6. List the countries you have been.
7. Favorite hobby.
8. Favorite artist (musician, actor, crafter,...)
9. Favorite book

10.Why do you blog?
11.Where do you find you inspiration?

Thank you Huey

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3 comentários:

  1. Thank you so much, Helena, for nominating us! We ae honored! xoxo, Antonia and Fabio

  2. I love your answers =D
    For question #11, I've asked people around me for the past few months and the answers are always the same. The guys will say the girl played paper to save her own life but the girls will say that girl knew her bf will play scissors to sacrifice his own life for her that's why she played paper - to save her bf. Now I have my 3rd answer, thanks for that =D

  3. Loved reading it Helena :)))). And thanks for nominating me :)

    As for question 11: I had no idea what to think. I think I should see their faces at least, and possibly know a bit more about them, because this way there could be so many interpretations. I didn't think of either of the answers which Paper N Sort mentioned, more like what you say Helena, or rather I thought that they didn't trust each other...